School Policies

Welcome to Nanook School! We are a kindergarten to grade five elementary school located in the community of Apex, just down the road from Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital.

At Nanook School, we try to create a learning environment where children learn to believe in themselves and others. We offer children the freedom to discover their intellectual potential and create opportunities where our students can view “problems” as challenges searching for solutions.

At Nanook School, we believe our staff must work as a team with our students’ parents and guardians to ensure our children’s success. We encourage parents and others to visit and/or volunteer with us.

We also believe the school is based in but not confined to the building. We want our students to feel safe to explore, experiment and learn from mistakes. We want our students to feel safe and secure in their learning. We want our students to have fun and to love coming to school.


This is a page for school policies and informational material.


Cold Weather Closure Policy

Handbook 2018-2019

New Calendar 2018-2019