Principals Messages

 Welcome Back. We are off to a great start again this year.

School starts at 8:30am and teacher supervision starts at 8:15am. We have noticed some students coming to school very early, before 8:00am. Please be aware that such early arrivals have no supervision and are at your discretion. I would recommend waiting until there is supervision before having your children on school property.

School ends at 3:15pm each day. Please ensure that your child is aware of how they are getting home and/or where they are supposed to go each day. It can become quite chaotic when numerous students need the phone right at 3:15 because they are confused and don’t know where or what they are to do next. Please have this discussion with your child in the morning before heading to school. Camera

Anytime you may have an emergency, or change in plans – please call 979-6597 and leave a voicemail if nobody is available to pick up your call. If your child is sick or will not be attending school, please contact the school and let us know – for everyone’s peace of mind and safety – especially during the cold winter months.

In case of Extreme Weather any school closures will be announced on CBC radio as well as posted across social media. You are invited to follow Apex DEA/Nanook School facebook page if you haven’t already. There is also an Apex DEA/Nanook School twitter account you can choose to follow as well. If your contact information should change throughout the school year, please let us know. We need current information in case of emergency closures and accidents which may happen. Our school closure policy is available online on our facebook page. It was also a part of this year’s Parent/Student Handbook which went home at the beginning of the year.

Nanook School is starting an Apex Food Bank of sorts… we are actively collecting canned goods and dry goods so as to be able to pass out food to those in need. We invite your donations. If you have anything you can spare, please think about donating it to our Food Bank. We will be having food drives throughout the school year. Thank you in advance for your amazing support in this worthwhile endeavor.

Nanook School provides an ample, free, and nutritious breakfast/snack to every student each day. Teachers and staff volunteer to do all the shopping and cooking. Meals range from cold cereal and milk, to hearty warm soups, homemade bannock, fruit and veggie trays with dips, chili, grilled cheese sandwiches, BBQ’d hotdogs and hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, and the list goes on and on… There is no need to send a snack to school for your child. We are happy to provide this service and snacks from home often end up being a distraction. Save your money.

Inuit language and culture, the community of Apex, and the pursuit of lifelong learning and knowledge are the foundational building blocks of our school and it’s traditions, expectations and culture. Inuktitut is at the core of that culture. We encourage all parents to use Inuktitut more. Every little bit helps. If you would like some Inuktitut resources for your personal use at home, please contact Mat and we will arrange it.

If you are interested in volunteering at the school (come read a story, play a game, cook a snack, back some muffins, tell a story, lead an art project, show some pictures, etc…) we’d love to have you visit. Please contact Mat and we can set up a time and place that accommodates your schedule.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. Nanook School is a special place because of the amazing parents and community, dedicated and talented staff and a love for learning. It is our privilege to serve you. If you should have any further questions or comments, please contact Mat at 979-6597 or



Nanook School Team