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Here are some links that we find at the school to educate and assist parents and teachers on the site. The links are going to grow as the year progresses in hopes that it will benefit others. Please note that this site is currently under construction and any sites that parents have please email and they will be placed up.

Early reading growth

This is good practice that can be used with Inuktitut and English.

Parent Involvement: What Skills Need to be Part of a Daily Routine?


 17 ways to help students with ADHD concentrate

Teaching Math

What barriers prevent students from paying attention and being engaged in math lessons?

Times table help

3 times table

4 times table

6 times table

7 times table

8 times table 


Hear is a list of supplemental resources that you can use to help your student if you want them to have extra work. Please use at your own discretion