Story corner

Here are some stories written by the kids of the school told to their parents. I think all of the students that brought in all of the stories did an amazing job. I have typed them out as they were written on the page. Over the course of the year this page is going to grown and the stories will continue to get better and better.  Keep up the good work kids and parents.




Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Carlita.

One day she saw a tea pot. But it wasn’t a tea pot. It was a genie bottle.

Carlita opened the bottle.

Then a Genie came and said “Hello, Carlita.”

“Hi.” said Carlita

“You have two wishes. What will you like to wish for? ” said the Genie

“ I would like five dollars.” said Carlita

“Wish Command” Said the Genie. “What would you like next?”

“ I would like a book.” Said Carlita

“Wish Command” Said the Genie.

The end

Once upon a time a little girl named Margaret was trying to find a little key for her mom and dad because her mom and dad were locked in a dungeon be an evil wizard.

Then the little girl named Margaret was trying to go talk to the wizard and say  “Please unlock the dungeon door so I can have my parents back and go home and have fun!”

The End

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Wings, Wings, wings

Legs, legs, legs

Eyes, eyes, eyes

Mouths, mouths, mouths

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Lady Bugs are red

Ants dig and look for food

dragonflies have huge wings, I had one before

grasshoppers can jump far

some bugs have huge eyes

I don’t like bugs

Once upon a time there was a little boy named BBQ Chicken. He went to the teddy shop and bought a teddy and named him Grumpy Teddy. That night he went to bed and brought Grumpy Teddy with him. The next day he went to the swimming pool and Grumpy Teddy was swimming with BBQ Chicken. Then They had Lunch and Grumpy Teddy was with him everyday!

The End!

Once upon a time, three chickens were playing outside. Then there was a wolf.

The wolf ate a chicken.

The wolf saw the mommy chicken. The wolf said “They are mine now.”

The mom chicken said “No”. Then the mommy chicken hit the wolfs face.

The wolf ate the mommy chicken and then the other chickens. They are now together.

The End!

The beast and the little boy

Once upon a time there was a haunted house. In that haunted house lived a beast. The beast would stay away from people cause they would try to capture him. And the beast did not like that. So he did not go to the town. He would like to be a human so he can have friends.

One day a little boy knocked on the door and asked “Let’s be friends.”

Beast answered “ But I am a beast, and you want to be friends?”

And the boy told the beast he doesn’t have any friends. So they became best friends and lived

happily ever after.

The End!

Hockey Season

I went to the Arena and got dressed. We were waiting for the zamboni to be done clearing the ice. We went on the ice and went to the bench. The coach called our names we went to out positions. We got ready for the referee to drop the puck on the ice. He dropped the puck on the ice and we were trying to go to the other net but the other players were too hard so we just stayed on our zone and they couldn’t get a goal because we were a little hard, too. So, I got the puck from he first player and he almost got it but I pushed the puck away from him. WE went to their zone and almost got a goal but he saved it and the puck didn’t go out of the zone. The defence man almost put it out of the zone. I go straight to the goalie with the puck, people couldn’t catch up to me. The goalie thought a different person had the puck but I did. So he was facing the wrong way. The other person was close to the net, he accidentally pushed the puck in the net after I shot it.

Our team won!

Beauty and the beast

There was a little girl, her name was beauty. She was trying to get fruit from the grocery store but there was no more fruit and she can just find bread and milk. She went to a different store and there was lots and lots of fruit. She went to her house but she didn’t know what was her house. She found a castle. The beast was in there. Beauty went inside and nobody seen her go inside. Then the Beast was really nice. She can make cute cakes, cake, chocolate brownies and a birthday cake. Beauty and the Beast and  they were sitting on a long table.  The beast can eat one chocolate cake. I mean brownie, they ate everything on the table and got thirsty so they went to get a drink and then go to bed on Beauty’s big bed.

The End