New pictures from new adventures:



Pictures from events this week! We had a STEM egg challenge, a trip to the skating rink for the big kids and a lot of fun!


Dec 6 2:00-2:45 NAC music performance for all students

Dec 7th 9:30am Legislative Assemble Xmas Tree Decorating for all students

Dec 8th Pizza Pool Extravaganza 10 am-12:00 Bus Provided

Important Reminder:


Our entire school will be travelling to the Iqaluit Aquatic Centre at 9:45am this Friday December 8th. We need your help with transportation as well as extra help with supervision in order for this excursion to be a success.

All our Junior Kindergarten as well as Senior Kindergarten students must be accompanied by their own parent or supervisor. They are required to have one-to-one supervision for safety sake. If you can not accompany your child, please let me know and we’ll do our best to find a solution. We’d love for all our students to be able to participate.

Students will be dismissed from the pool for lunch, but we will still need help bringing all Apex students back to the school before noon. We will need to drive students to Nanook School at 11:45am.

Pizza and snacks will be provided upon arrival to the pool. We have booked the “Party Room”… and will spill out into the main hallway as well.

This activity is in celebration of the upcoming holidays and a reward for all the hard work our students and staff have done to this point in the school year.

Please come out and help us celebrate.

You can call 979-6597 or text 222-0300 or email Mathew (mknickelbein1@qikiqtani.edu.nu.ca) to confirm your participation.


Nanook School Team

Dec 12th Xmas Concert- 1PM

Dec 15th at Noon Christmas Dismissal

Jan 2 – First Day of Classes After Christmas



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